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Key Features

A New Precinct

Precinct Revival

CollinsCollins is set to witness the revival of a precinct that forms an essential part of Melbourne’s architectural and cultural heritage. A hub where the corporate and the creative converge to create something innovative and exciting.

BuildingRevamped street promenade
CoffeeNew Lobby with integrated café and business lounge
ArrowReopening Gurners Lane pedestrian thoroughfare
DeskModern fitted out spaces to get people back to work
HeartFocus on Health and Wellness – new EOT, fitness room, wellness space (infrared sauna / yoga), biophilic design with greenery integrated spaces
Precinct Revival
Two addresses. One destination.
Precinct Revival
Limitless Possibilities

Work in Balance

CollinsCollins has been completely redesigned to incorporate the very latest ‘people first’ technology and wellness offerings.

CoffeeLobby café and business lounge
TVTech-ready fitted suites
SmartphoneMobile access to common areas (no card required)

Heritage and Character

The irreplaceable location of CollinsCollins was a key consideration for Lendlease along with the building’s timeless structural ‘bones’ which include side core floor plates for flexibility and large windows for an abundance of natural light.

Heritage & Character
Heritage & Character